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Hospital Bed Sheets

Hospital bed sheets supplied by us have been made to maintain a clean as well as hygienic environment for hospital patients. These can be treated with antimicrobial agents for the prevention of infection spread.

Hotel Bed Sheet

We are offering Hotel bed sheets, which are used in the hotels to cover the bed. These have been made from high-quality materials and are soft as well as durable to endure frequent use as well as washing.

Mattress Protector

We are offering best-quality mattress protectors, which are the removable and thin covers, placed to the top of mattress. These can also protect the mattresses from stains, dirt, spills, and others. These protectors can keep the mattresses clean as well as hygienic.

Cotton Printed Single Size Dohars

Cotton Printed Single Size Dohars are the lightweight quilts, which have been typically made to be used on the top of a bed. These keep users warm in the AC rooms and function as the wrinkle-resistant, very durable and lightweight covers.

Kids Printed Bed Sheet

The Kids Printed Bed Sheets are the special type of bed linens, which have been made precisely for children's beds. These have been featured with colorful, playful and fun designs which appeal to kids.

Duvets Comforter

Duvets Comforter has been made to provide insulation and warmth, during cold nights. It is a highly versatile comforter, offered in several colors and designs. It can suit to your personal style as well as preferences.


Cotton Printed Double Size Comforter

Cotton Printed Double Size Comforters are made from the highly strong as well as durable material. These can endure wear as well as tear over time. Offered well-made cotton comforters can work for many coming years.

Cotton Printed Double Size Bed Sheet

Cotton Printed Double Size Bed Sheets supplied by us are the outstanding choice for bed sheets. These are highly comfortable, breathable and simply machine-washable. In addition, the bedsheets just ask for easy maintenance.


Our range of fabrics has several types of fabrics, in different designs, colors and size. These are used to make several types of clothing and upholsteries. These have been made to add a pop of color as well as style to several types of bedroom decor.